Angles, Energy & Activism!

Angles & Triangles!

filled our brains this spring. It was so fun to explore the wild with angles and triangles on our minds.


Energy was the other huge idea we worked on for weeks. Researching types of energy and their effects on the world. We decided Solar Power is really what makes the most sense.



Spending our days at Marra Farm, South Park and the Duwamish River was phenomenal. The experiences brought home, to all of us, exactly what we were doing this for. Working in the gardens, picking food for the food bank, visiting the food bank in South Park where the food was handed out, being at the Duwamish River and seeing what happens in different communities were all real experiences, not just something we talked about in our classroom.


We are actively talking about and seeing the privileges we have as a community and realizing first hand that not everyone has these privileges. This is such an important real world issue that we are experiencing first hand. This work is hard. It isn’t easy to find the right way to guide the kids through these extremely complex ideas in a developmentally appropriate way but we think it is our most important work, especially with all that is going on in our world on a daily basis. At this age, our kids can hear and read about what is happening and it can be so confusing. Please join us in our process. It takes everyone’s awareness and activism!