Taproot Fundraiser

This year we joined the West Seattle Yard Sale day and had a Bake, Plant, Art & Yard Sale at our school. It was made and run by our students & parents.


Families made baked goods, our class grew starter plants as well as created garden flags and families brought in items they no longer needed. We worked hard in the lead-up to this event. On the day of the sale, families volunteered and the kids did the selling and cash transactions.

On Monday, the kids counted what we made, a little over $600.00. They were so excited! We had a meeting and they decided what we spent the money on: they wanted a new book binding stapler since ours had stopped working, they wanted new pencils with fresh erasers, and new Explode the Codes (Language Arts Workbooks). On the last week of school I delivered it all to them.

This was an important community project as well as a significant math lesson. They were able to count back change, count the money they made and help me to subtract each time they chose to buy something. It was eye-opening for them to see how fast the money disappeared as they spent it. We are often talking about taking care of our materials so that we have them for a long time, this experience really brought this lesson home!

Thank you to all the families who helped make this event so successful, fun and educational!

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