Marra Farm

This spring we went on a magical adventure to Marra Farm. We went on three different Fridays. We went to learn and work  in the Giving Garden, which is a working farm that grow’s produce for local Food Banks and is volunteer based.


The first Friday we learned so much about Marra Farm and it’s roots from when the land was worked by the Duwamish People to what it is used for currently. We pulled weeds in the pea patch and explored all aspects of the farm. The following video is our class learning from Amanda, who works with Solid Ground, whose missions is: “Solid Ground works to end poverty and undo racism and other oppression that are root causes of poverty.”

The second Friday we learned about what it means to be an activist for food equality and how to help communities in need. We then worked in the Spinach patch and picked 5lb of Spinach for the food bank.

The third Friday we learned about Compost and how important it is to plants and to the planet. We worked at the compost site and learned a new song about Compost. You must watch our song video! It’s an awesome song to learn!!!

Thank you to Marra Farm for being so inviting and open and allowing us to be a part of this amazing program.!

We’ll see you again next school year!

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