Lego Robots!

Lego Robotics - Day 1

Lily’s motorized car

Our Taproot Lego Robotics team got off to a great start last week, with 8 students showing up for our first session!  Day One was about getting to know each other as we explored some of the cool new Lego kits we’ve pulled together for the team.  We started out with a great snack-time brainstorm about what the word robot really means (did you know that the word originates from an old Church Slavonic word for “servitude”?).  With some great ideas and no definitive answer, we dove in and started to play.

Lego time began with a brief demo of a simple alligator robot that would chomp down when something was near its mouth.  The team had fun feeding the alligator all kinds of stuff (including fingers), and they quickly found and identified the sensor, gears, belt, and motor that made the little guy work.  Of course, this led to them immediately pulling everything apart so they could use the motors and bricks in their own creations.

And create they did.  There were cranes, cars, propellers and magic wands built to varying degrees of function.  Lots of fun was had with the new Lego motors. We quickly learned that there’s a lot to figure out when you’re trying to build something that moves.  Clean-up time came too soon, and I think everyone left with a hunger for more time to experiment and explore the world of Lego machines.  I tried to grab pictures of the creations as the came to life, but some of them didn’t survive long enough to be captured (I wish I snapped Jaxon’s propeller contraption before it got re-purposed).

Sound interesting?  It’s never too late to join.  Our next meeting is Wednesday October 2! For a little more info about how it works and what we’re planning, check out our flyer or contact Brian or Ed via e-mail.

I can’t wait to see what the crew comes up with in the weeks to come.  It’s a great group, filled with curiosity and creativity.