Twisting and dancing and meditating

Today Michelle Palmer (Caiden’s Mom) joined us next door in the mat room! It truly is a large room with 2 inch mats covering the entirety of the floor! Having an open space to run in circles, jump up and throw your little body to the ground was a gift I didn’t expect to be so fruitful.

We gathered as a group and Michelle warmed our bodies up by stretching and laughing. We reached and kicked and twisted. Michelle’s energy and enthusiasm was perfect for our group! We then learned about balancing and centering our bodies just like a stack of blocks. This helped us balance on one foot better than usual. She also talked to us about spinning and ways to spin so we don’t get so dizzy! Michelle also reminded us of our important muscular system. We thought about pulleys and how our bodies work similarly.  We thought about our biceps and our quads a lot on our hike later in the day.

After concentrating and absorbing all those new vocabulary words, we thanked Michelle for spending time with us. But before tearing out of the room and into our quiet hallways, we found our own spot on the floor, laid on our backs, breathed deep and rested still.  Teacher Michelle asked us all to imagine being in a special place. We laid silently and all traveled just for a moment to a place that calls us.

We are so thankful for our mat room, Michelle Palmer’s enthusiasm for dancing and for our special community that is always developing and growing. Everyday is exciting and new.


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