Jumping Into Autumn

We have been out and about discovering all of the areas around our school. We have been to our old haunt, Lincoln Park, looking at it a little differently as we explore what exactly is the “Puget Sound” (loving the fact that some think it’s the sounds that we hear; waves, birds, fog horns).

We have also explored The Fenton Glen, where we jumped, splashed and explored.

And we have dove straight into Kilbourne Park. Steep and mysterious, the kids speak in hushed tones about what they now call, “Domino Ditch”.

Next is Fauntleroy Trails; can’t wait to see what we find there!

As we explore more of our “Puget Sound” study, we are loving our Orca Cards, from Coho’s dad, Jeff Hogan, the founder of Killer Whale Tales. The kids are learning about the different PODS and their ancestry. We have also been investigating the bones that Jeff has lent to us; Sea Lion, Gray Whale and Orca. The Gray Whale rib is actually from the Gray Whale that washed up almost four years ago. I had taken my class to see the whale. Coho said that he had seen a class there when he was there with his dad and thinks it must have been us! Thank you Jeff for contributing these integral pieces to our “Puget Sound” study and to helping us investigate what exactly they are.


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