First Full Days

I can’t say for sure that there is a complete narrative happening quite yet, where I can start at lesson A and how that brought up kid Z’s idea about how to find out about unknown discovery H and so forth. This is often how our days work. We introduce projects, ideas, questions, we study, examine, uncover the meat (or tofu) of our ideas, ask more questions, do fieldwork, come to some conclusions or just wander in the wonder of what we have submerged our selves in.

The past two weeks, we have introduced the project, the ideas and proposed questions and while we are in mid study, examining and uncovering, there is another level to our days that is just simply workin’ it all out! New days, new people, different ideas, new materials, huge questions, millions of tiny questions, fitting together, going where we need to be in a somewhat timely manner as to accommodate families, schedules, the daily tick of the schoolhouse.


In solid rock formation this is what are days have looked like:

9:00am – Project/Work time (studio and study)

10:00 – Snack/outside

11:00 – Story time (chapter book)

12:00 – Lunch, Independent Reading

1:00 – Project/Work time (studio & study)

2:00 cleanup, Outside

2:30 – Story, songs, games.

3:00 – See you tomorrow!


In real geological time:

Greetings, hugs, snuggles,

Math, writing, academic games

Painting, exploring project ideas, building, working it out, chess,

Food, story

Running, jumping, real tree climbing, spinning, calloused hands from hours on the bars

Math, writing, social studies, project integration

Puzzles, games, books on the couch, chess

Stories, singing, laughing, snuggling, hugging, games, compliments, getting to know each other

Hugs, goodbyes, joyful chatter about the day with families


Friday’s feel like perfect field days and seems to solidify our studies by being able to touch, feel, smell, hear, taste, create with the materials from their natural place.

Making paint from berries and grass, collecting seaweed specimens, making flags, feeling powerful, gaining confidence, using our voices, softening when helping others, climbing challenging logs and getting help from friends, making new friends at the water’s edge while playing with the physics of water, rocks, velocity, sound, reading guide books and searching for answers to what the materials are that we are finding.

Here in our backyard with the sun and the leaves and the grass and the water and the rocks and the animals and the tides and the ferries and each other we’re exploring it all, everything the world has to offer us, inside and outside of the classroom.

Has it really only been a few days together.

Really, just so much richness and love!


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